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Ryde To Compete With Grab In Singapore

4/26/2018 3:33:20 PM
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Singapore carpooling app will be launching RydeX, its new private hire-car-service on May 2, pitting it against Grab, which recently acquired Uber’s business in South-east Asia.

Unlike Grab, RydeX will take bookings only in advance and not on demand. Users can book a ride between 10 minutes and seven days in advance. The minimum fare will be S$8, with fares going up by 60 cents for every kilometre thereafter.

Like Grab and Uber, RydeX will charge more depending on a surge factor based on demand, but this will be capped at S$100.

Ryde has recruited 5,000 licensed private-hire car drivers within the last month, with a "significant proportion" being formerly under Uber, said chief executive Terence Zou on April 26. He expects to add another 10,000 more drivers in the next three months.


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