Ratan Tata May Invest In Snapdeal

8/6/2014 2:43:30 PM
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21ratan -tata1Ratan Tata, the former head honcho of the soaps-to-software conglomorate, is said to be considering a personal investment in Snapdeal, an e-commerce  firm.

With online retailing coming under the spotlight, it is beleved that the 76-year-old chairman emeritus of Tata Sons may buy out an early investor in Snapdeal through a secondary sale, reported a leading Indian daily. 

The Times of India further added that while his holding is unlikely to be high, its real significance would lie in the buzz it would create for the four-year-old firm. “People close to Snapdeal said Tata had visited the firm's headquarters in Delhi about a month ago and addressed employees,” it said.

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