Preview of Limited Edition Bugaboo by Niark1 Stroller Collection

4/10/2017 5:06:35 PM
written By : Team India Se Print

Ever thought that strollers could make for good canvases too? Bugaboo showed us they could, at the preview of their limited-edition Bugaboo by Niark1 stroller collection. The Dutch design company exhibited the limited-edition stroller, designed by French graphic artist Niark1, at the Affordable Art Fair recently, drawing both parents and art enthusiasts alike. Emphasising on design, quality and style, the limited-edition Bugaboo Buffalo stroller is supposedly designed to provide mobility even on rough terrain. This means that parents no longer have to sacrifice personal interests for parenthood — they can enjoy rigorous activities like hiking with their toddlers in tow! The preview also featured three unique Bugaboo Bee strollers designed by South-east Asian artists Leo Liu Xuan Qi, Lim Khim Katy and Dani King Heriyanto. These strollers were up for auction, with the proceeds going to Playeum, a charity organisation that aims to bring play back into children’s lives through the creation of play spaces. Drawing from their own interpretation of themes like childhood, innocence and freedom, the artists imbued each of the strollers with a unique personality of their own. The Bugaboo by Niark1 collection will be available in First Few Years, Mothercare and Motherswork for a limited period starting from April 2017.

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