Pressure Mounting On Nawaz Sharif’s Government Against Travel Ban On Pakistani Journalist

10/13/2016 3:55:24 PM
written By : Team India Se Print

The Nawaz Sharif administration has received flak after it imposed travel restrictions  on Pakistani journalist Cyril Almeida who published an exclusive report on his government asking its military to act against terrorist organisations operating in Kashmir and Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, international human rights organisations and media watchdogs demanded immediate withdrawal of all restrictions on Almeida. Amnesty International's director of global issues Audrey Gaughran said, "The travel ban on Cyril Almeida is a crude intimidation tactic designed to silence journalists and stop them from doing their jobs."

Almeida has been put on the ‘Exit Control List’ — a system of border control enforced by the Pakistani government barring people whose names appear on the list from leaving the country. It effectively suspends Almeida’s passport.

Journalists worldwide issued Almeida their support, flocking to social media to defend Almeida as part of the hashtag “#StandWithCyril”. India Se’s columnist Reema Abbasi tweeted “It all boils down to one reality of our times. The gov[ernmen]t is against Truth.”


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