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Patch Up Phones, Computers, Warns SingCert

1/5/2018 7:11:08 AM
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Use security software patches and updates immediately to protect your computers and smartphones. Singapore’s cyber security authorities issued this alert on January 4 immediately after security researchers reported discovering two critical vulnerabilities dubbed Meltdown and Spectre affecting desktop computers, smartphones, tablets and cloud services. The vulnerabilities enable attackers to steal any data processed by computers and smartphones including passwords and other confidential information.

Issuing the alert, the Singapore Computer Emergency Response Team (SingCert) said: “Meltdown allows attackers to bypass the security boundaries between user applications and the operating system, which enables them to access information from the operating system memory, including sensitive data from other programs. Only Intel processors are affected by it so far. Spectre  affects Intel, AMD and ARM processors and allows attackers to trick applications into leaking its data.”

SingCert added: “A successful exploit on vulnerable CPUs could allow attackers to read and access confidential information, such as passwords, which could allow them to compromise computers or entire server networks.

 “The solution to mitigate these exploits is to update the firmware. Vendors such as Intel and Microsoft have pushed out patches to fix these vulnerabilities.

“SingCERT recommends users to monitor the respective product vendor’s websites for the release of security patches and updates to the latest patch as soon as possible.”

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