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Opening Of Aladdin Street

10/24/2016 4:11:55 PM
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Aladdin Street Singapore, which announced in July that it would be the world’s first premium quality products and halal e-marketplace, opened for business on October 21. It has identified 200 merchants and secured close to 60 merchants. These halal-certified merchants include F&B, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, fashion, and various other service providers.

During the launch, Dr. Grace Kong, president of Aladdin Street Singapore, explained that “is not just for Muslims. Halal is about making healthier choices for everyone, she said. Everyone has become more conscious of their consumption patterns. They want to know what they eat, wear, what they apply to their face, where it comes from and how the animals were treated. It’s about cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable consumption.” They aim to create new markets for halal products, apart from food items.

The Aladdin Street global network features 30 partners in countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Iran and the United States. This creates a global footprint of approximately four billion consumers. The corporation hopes to become the world’s largest producer of premium halal products, and be amongst the ten most profitable e-commerce platforms in the world, in near future.

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