Indian Singaporean Pro-ISIS Housewife Detained For Two Years

11/10/2017 4:31:11 PM
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An Indian housewife who became a Singapore citizen has been arrested in Singapore under the Internal Security Act.

Munavar Baig Amina Begam (Amina), a 38-year-old supporter of the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), was detained for two years this month.  Radicalised by a foreign online contact, she was  prepared to undergo military training and take up arms to fight for ISIS,  Singapore’s  Ministry of Home Affairs said in a press release on Nov 9.

To persuade others to support ISIS, Amina shared material promoting terrorism on social media, the ministry said.

Amina's husband and her two children are Singapore citizens by birth. Her husband was unaware of her radicalism and was not implicated in her terrorism-related activities, the statement added.

Two other Singaporeans were also dealt with under the Act between September and November.

Abu Thalha bin Samad (Abu Thalha), a 25-year-old member of the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), was detained for two years in September.

Abu Thalha lived overseas for 15 years and attended JI-linked schools where he also underwent paramilitary training. He  became a JI member in 2014 and had been teaching in a JI school since 2016. The ministry said it worked with a regional government to have him deported back to Singapore in August this year.

Adzrul Azizi bin Bajuri (Adzrul), 19, a former full-time National Serviceman, was also dealt with under the Act. Radicalised by online ISIS propaganda, he  considered fighting for ISIS in Syria but from August this year “started having some doubts about the legitimacy of ISIS's ideology and its violent tactics,” the ministry said.  He was issued with a restriction order in September 2017 and will be required to undergo counselling.

A person issued with a restriction order (RO) is not permitted to change his residence or employment or travel out of Singapore without the approval of the  Internal Security Department.




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