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India Assists In Nepal Relief Operations

4/27/2015 3:49:50 PM
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Love thy neighbour as thyself – following this Biblical reference, India immediately launched Operation Maitri – a rescue initiative in earthquake-wrecked Nepal.

In one its quickest and most extensive responses, the country flew in rescue teams, medical supplies and relief material to Nepal where the death toll in the weekend’s earthquake has crossed 3,000 people. Initially, four Indian Air Force transport aircraft landed in Kathmandu, carrying doctors as well as 450 members of India’s National Disaster Relief Force (NDRF). Another six NDRF teams were despatched on Sunday raising the total number of relief personnel to 720.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reached out to the victims of the disastrous earthquake in Nepal and said India would make all possible efforts to help the Nepalese people in this hour of crisis. "My dear brothers and sisters of Nepal, India is with you in this hour of grief," he said in his monthly 'Mann Ki Baat' radio programme on AIR.  He said that focus is on rescuing as many people alive as possible.

Meanwhile the Singapore Armed Forces sent a cross-agency disaster relief team to Nepal which included C-130 aircraft along with a 69-member Home Team contingent, comprising officers from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Ops Lionheart team.

According to MM Gopal Patel, Consul-General of Nepal in Singapore, his office is in the process of opening a bank account where people can send monetary donations. Please see our India Se Facebook pages for the account number and further updates.

The Nepal Consul-General has also requested donors to refrain from sending old used clothes and expired food. The most useful donations in kind would be: Medicines like Panadol, Aspirin, etc. canned food, vegetarian noodle packets and other dry rations, blankets, candles, matches, baby food, feeding bottles, sanitary napkins, tents, sleeping bags etc. Donations can be made between 8.30AM – 5.45PM from Mondays to Fridays.

Please send all donations in kind to Astrans (S) Pte Ltd, 23 Pioneer Sector 1, Unit 03-00, Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore 628431. Tel: 6262-2577.

Contact: Mr Edund Chew: OR

For those who wish to volunteer your services in Nepal you may email Dr Madan Kumar Piya at or phone +977 0851033269.

For more information you may email our reporter Maya (Diya) Tsering Bhalla who will be flying to Nepal as a volunteer soon. Her emails IDs are;

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