Downtown Line Ridership Increase By 30 Per Cent

2/2/2016 3:27:40 PM
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With schools and work resuming on the January 4, 2016, a 30 per cent increase in ridership of the downtown line has been observed, of which 5 per cent have migrated from the East-West line. This has been a significant help to some stations in terms of the distribution of crowd on the East-West line such as Joo Koon.  Shops and food outlets have noticed that business is booming and schools too, have observed that there are fewer cars dropping off students due to the new MRT line.

Overall, the DTL has proven to be extremely effective in reducing congestion on the roads, boosting new businesses along the lines, managing the increasing number of commuters and increasing sales for the beneficiaries. With the positive feedback provided by travellers, we hope that all goes well with the new DTL!  

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