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ICC World Cup: India vs Aus Semi Finals

3/26/2015 11:46:09 AM
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Australia win the toss.. elect to bat.

Yadav bowls and Warner is caught

32-1 For Aus 6.2 overs

Yadav needs to pitch better, aus pulling away with boundry after boundry 56-1

Aus Run Rate at 5.60

57-1 Kholi to bowl now (spinner) 

Aus 100-1 now, India need a wicket

India call for a review for LBW but no put as Umpire sticks with his call

32 overs and its 167-1

Smith with his century 100 from 89 balls

Yadav to the rescue for India and Smith is out caught by Rohit Sharma

Ashwin bowls and Maxwell is out caught by Rahane

Yadav with his hattrick, Dhawan catches out Finch

248-5 its another wicket for India, bowled by Mohit caught by Rohit Sharma

YADAV bowls out Faulkner for his 4th wicket, 284-6

298-7 and Watson is out caught by Rahane and bowled by Mohit

Aus innings end at 328-7 poor bowling from India costing a lot of runs

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