George Yeo Resigns As Chancellor Of Nalanda University

11/25/2016 5:01:29 PM
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Former Singapore Foreign Minister, George Yeo has resigned as Chancellor of Nalanda University citing that earlier he was assured of the University’s autonomy but now things had changed. He cited that when he was invited to take charge he was “repeatedly assured that the University would have autonomy.

In a statement issued by Yeo, said, “When I was appointed Chancellor in July 2015, I was told that a new Governing Board would be formed under an amended Act, core aspects of which the Ministry of External Affairs sought my views on. The amended Act would have removed a major flaw in the current Act which in essence offers Governing Board seats to East Asian Summit countries making the highest financial contributions in the last three years. This provision, which was never recommended by the Nalanda Mentor Group, would not have been a good way to constitute the Governing Board and was the reason the Government of India requested the Nalanda Mentor Group to continue functioning as the Governing Board for a number of years until the Act could be amended.”

He further said that the reasons for the decision taken were not entirely clear to him.

Citing the change in leadership of the University, he said that it was a sudden decision that was disturbing and harmful to the University’s development. He said, “When I was invited to take over the responsibility from Amartya Sen last year, I was repeatedly assured that the University would have autonomy. This appears not to be the case now. Accordingly, and with deep sadness, I have submitted my letter of resignation as Chancellor to the Visitor.”

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