Gay Doctor's Bid To Adopt Biological Son Rejected By Court In Singapore

12/28/2017 1:08:22 PM
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A gay Singaporean doctor’s bid to adopt his biological son, born in the United States through a surrogate mother, has been rejected by the State Courts in Singapore.

The man knew that he could not have his own child through medical procedures such as in-vitro fertilisation in Singapore. Therefore, he could not “come to the courts of the very same jurisdiction to have the acts condoned”, ruled District Judge Shobha Nair on December 26.

In Singapore, assisted reproduction can only be provided to a married woman with the consent of her spouse. And while the law here does not explicitly prohibit surrogacy, the Ministry of Health prohibits licensed healthcare institutions from providing assisted reproduction services to carry out surrogacy, reported Today.

The man and his partner of about 13 years were earlier advised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development that it was unlikely to recommend adoption of children by parties in a homosexual relationship.

The child is now about four years old and an American citizen. He was born with the man’s sperm and an egg from an anonymous donor, then carried to term by the surrogate mother, the newspaper added.

The man’s legal bid to adopt the child “is in reality an attempt to obtain a desired result – that is, formalising a parent-child relationship in order to obtain certain benefits such as citizenship rights, by walking through the back door of the system when the front door was firmly shut”, said District Judge Shobha Nair.

The man can execute a will to address matters of inheritance, she added.



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