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Dance Singapore Dance Returns, Bigger and Better

5/31/2016 3:42:28 PM
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Zee TV’s popular reality show Dance Singapore Dance (DSD), a localised version of the popular reality competition Dance India Dance, returned for a second season after auditions concluded recently.


Held last weekend at the LaSalle College, high-spirited dancers made their entry, donned in costumes that oozed with glitz and glamour, accompanied by supporting friends and families. With a substantial prize kitty of $20,000 being awarded to this year’s Top 3, the enthusiasm was only higher and the participation, larger. The experienced judges for the audition rounds were Shantha Ratii and Master Mudassar Khan.


Singapore’s multicultural and multiracial backdrop provides way for an extraordinarily unique amalgamation of dance forms, which becomes an inherent part of the performances. “I think it’s an osmosis that takes place somewhere and that I’m sure will result in something very beautiful. If you look at world history of dance, there has been that happening right through, you absorb cultures without realising and it manifests in what you do” said Shantha Ratii, as she prepared to watch the multitude of performances.


Most of the participants mixed an Indian dance form along with a western one, showcasing an exceptional performance that led to Mudassar Khan doing his signature action of appreciation.


Although most of the contestants came in with years of experience, Master Mudassar said, “Being an experienced dancer helps you with the audience, the stage, lights and the camera. But having the spirit and passion in you takes out the need for experience.”

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