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Dalit Protests Paralyse Bombay

1/4/2018 2:10:45 PM
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Protests disrupted business in Bombay for a second day on January 3 as lower-caste Dalits pelted buses, blocked rail lines and shut malls after a clash with right-wing Hindus.

The Dalits called a general strike across Maharashtra on January 2 in protest against an attack by right-wing groups in the city of Pune on January 1.

The Dalits were attacked as they were celebrating the 200th anniversary of a battle they won, fighting alongside British colonial forces, against an upper-caste ruler. A 28-year-old man was killed in the clashes, according to the state government.

Enraged, thousands of Dalits hurled stones and disrupted traffic in Bombay on January 2.

In parts of the Bombay suburb of Thane, officials banned the assembly of crowds to restore order. Schools were closed in some cities. Internet access was also limited.


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