Climate Change Causes Five Solomon Islands to Disappear

5/11/2016 4:42:49 PM
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Five of the Solomon Islands in the Pacific have disappeared underwater, while six have suffered from extreme erosion due to climate change. 

An article published by the journal “Environmental Research Letters,” used satellite imagery to monitor 33 of the Solomon Islands between 1947 and 2014—charting sea-level rise and the subsequent recession of the islands’ coastline.

"At least 11 islands across the northern Solomon Islands have either totally disappeared over recent decades or are currently experiencing severe erosion," the study claimed.

Sea level rise in the area over the past two decades averages between seven and ten millimeters per year—amongst the highest in the world.

“The rates we have recently seen in the Solomons will be experienced globally in the second half of this century,” researcher and co-author of the article, Simon Albert, said. “It’s valuable insight into possible changes over the coming decades.”

Although the islands contained a wide array of vegetation, and were often used by fishermen, they had no permanent human settlements.


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