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Cancer Patient Delivers Miracle Baby In Singapore

7/9/2015 12:24:54 PM
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In what is a first for Singapore, a woman here has given natural birth using the ovarian tissue cryopreservation technique.  India-born doctor Anupriya Agarwal led the team that performed this procedure.

Madam Siti Nurjannah gave birth to a healthy daughter on May 21. What makes this a special case is that Madam Nurjannah previously had synovial sarcoma (a rare soft tissue cancer) threatening her chances of becoming a mother after chemotherapy. Fortunately she was able to undergo treatment to preserve part of her ovarian tissue through slow freezing before chemotherapy. Four years later, after recovering from cancer, she had it implanted back into her. Baby Hannah was the first in Singapore (and in Asia) to be born using this technique. Dr Agarwal who is currently working as a consultant at the National University Hospital said: “We didn’t know if it would work, because this treatment is so new, people are a bit reluctant.”

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