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BJP Wins Gujarat And Himachal Assembly Elections

12/19/2017 2:34:44 PM
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has held on to power in an election in his home state Gujarat but by a reduced margin.

The BJP won 99 of the 182 assembly seats, seven more than required to win a majority, securing 54.4 per cent of the votes polled, according to election authorities. The main opposition Congress won 77 with 42.3 per cent of the votes. The NCP won the remaining seat.

The poll result was a setback for the BJP, which had a bigger majority in the 2012 Gujarat assembly election when it won 115 of the 182 seats.  Gujarat has long been a stronghold of the BJP, which has governed the state for the past 22 years. Modi was the chief minister of the state three times.

The Congress made gains in Gujarat, winning 77 seats, up from 61 in the 2012 assembly election.

But the BJP wrested Himachal Pradesh away from the Congress, winning 44 of the 68 seats in the hill state, where  49.5 per cent of the voters backed the BJP. The Congress won 20 seats, getting 42.3 per cent of the votes. Other parties won two seats.

Narendra Modi  tweeted:  “The victory in Gujarat is special. Starting from 1989, people of Gujarat have been blessing BJP in every Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha election. It is an honour to be serving Gujarat for so many years. We will continue to work for Gujarat’s growth.”

In another tweet, he said:  “BJP’s impressive victory in Himachal Pradesh indicates that people of the state rejected misgovernance of the Congress Government and wants a Government that is not corrupt and can deliver. BJP will provide good and honest governance to Devbhoomi Himachal.”

Rahul Gandhi, the newly elected Congress president, tweeted: “The Congress party accepts the verdict of the people and congratulates the new governments in both states. I thank the people of Gujarat and Himachal with all my heart for the love they showed me.”

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