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Bangladeshi Workers Worried About Their Future In Singapore

1/21/2016 5:22:23 PM
written By : Team India Se Print

Bangladeshi workers in Singapore are worried about their future here, even as the Government recently nabbed 27 construction workers for planning to conduct extremist activities in Bangladesh. While 26 of them have been repatriated, one is currently serving a 12-week jail sentence for attempting to flee Singapore illegally.

Having met regularly on a weekly basis at what is believed to be Angullia Mosque located in Little India, these men had been religiously plotting attacks overseas as well as in their hometown. While these men appeared unsuspicious to other regular Muslim devotees of the mosque, they undoubtedly turned out to be a huge, prevalent threat to Singapore as well as Bangladesh.

With a large percentage of the 1.32 million migrants in Singapore being low-skilled workers, many are apprehensive of the after effects of this unfortunate event.

A 28-year-old Bangladeshi construction worker who has been working in Singapore for five years told India Se, “They did wrong; and now (it will be) hard for Bangladeshi workers to come and work in Singapore. (The) Singapore government was correct in taking them in. I don’t know if (my) contract will be renewed or not.”

Another 33-year-old, who also did not wish to be named said, “I (am) scared we will (have to) go back (to) Bangladesh; even my family is worried.”

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