Amara Sanctuary Resort introduces A Heritage Trail

9/3/2018 3:32:10 PM
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Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa, home to the old soldier quarters and the last World War II air raid shelters on Sentosa Island, introduced the inaugural Amara Heritage Trail around its tastefully restored colonial-style architecture and grounds, amidst tranquil garden settings and breath-taking sea views.

It explores World War II-related sites and stories, and provides a glimpse of the lives of British soldiers during the colonial era.

The 60-minutes walking trail starts at the resort’s main lobby, and will go through its verdant tropical garden to explore heritage buildings, and provide scenic coastal view of the South China Sea.

Along the way, guests will be asked to spot an artefact – a sole cleaner; relive the experience of hiding in a World War II air raid shelter; and identify some of the common herbs and spices used in our local cuisine today, including the one that brought the British to Southeast Asia in the 1800s. Other highlights include uncovering a Heritage Tree protected by the Singapore National Parks Board; sharing the story of Mrs. Helen Hall; and learning the origins of the name “Sentosa” and some of the road names in Amara Sanctuary.

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