Aligarh Muslim University Shows Map Of India Without Jammu & Kashmir

11/19/2018 4:18:39 PM
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A map of India without the state of Jammu and Kashmir was displayed on a poster at Aligarh Muslim University.

Officials of the university in the Indian city of Aligarh said Jammu and Kashmir was left out of the map by “mistake”. The university’s drama society created the poster to publicise a play it wanted to stage protesting against the partition of India and Pakistan.

"The poster was made by the drama society for an anti-partition drama. As soon as the teacher-in-charge got the information, the university took action. We pulled down the posters and postponed the drama," said university official Shafey Kidwai.

He said the play was based on Asghar Wajahat's 'Jis Lahore Nai Dekhya... O Jamya Nai'.

The play, written in 1989, is said to be against communalism.

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