Congress MLA Aditi Singh Denies Rumours Of Wedding With Rahul Gandhi

5/7/2018 1:29:33 PM
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Aditi Singh, Congress member of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly from Rae Bareli, has denied rumours about her proposed marriage to Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

"I am really saddened by such baseless rumours being spread. Rahulji is like an elder brother to me. I ritualistically tie rakhi on his wrist. Those behind the link-up are absolutely wrong and aim to malign my image as also that of Rahul Gandhiji," she told The Times of India.

Asked who could be behind the rumours, she said, "Talk of my marriage with Rahul Gandhi is propaganda before the Karnataka elections (due to be held on May 12). The intention appears to be to distract the Congress leadership and workers toiling in Karnataka. It is anyone's guess who could be behind it."

Photographs showing Rahul with Aditi and their families began circulating on social media on May 5. The captions said Rahul had finally found a match and Sonia Gandhi was talking to Aditi's family to finalise arrangements.

The pictures were taken during Sonia Gandhi's recent visit to her parliamentary constituency, Rae Bareli. When Aditi went to meet Sonia Gandhi with other senior Congress leaders at the guest house, Rahul Gandhi was also there.

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