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The Joy Of A Higher Calling

When you recognise the difference between a profession and a calling, you experience true happiness

2/2/2016 2:43:06 PM
written By : Pamposh Dhar Print

A Reiki client recently asked me how I knew that Reiki, meditation and coaching were my calling. Her question was not difficult to answer, but it gave rise to a couple of other questions, beginning with the most obvious one: what is the difference between a profession and a calling?

With a calling you feel as if it is the purpose of your life, what you were born to do. In a spiritual sense, this is what we call dharma. But if you were born to do it, how is it that so many people find their true calling quite late in life, in their forties, fifties or sometimes even in their sixties?

I myself worked happily as a journalist and communication specialist for more than 25 years before I heard that call to help people heal and to grow as human beings. 

I started my career as a news agency journalist and thoroughly enjoyed it. Working with news brought me a tremendous rush. I also felt the work was useful because I believe a free and robust press is essential to democracy. This gave me a sense of purpose.

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