Propelling Yourself With Compassion

The saner way of doing things in life

7/5/2016 5:09:26 PM
written By : Sadhguru, Isha Foundation Print

Unfortunately, it is true with a lot of people that unless they are angry they cannot propel themselves into action. You can propel yourself with rage, but you can also propel yourself with your joy, your love, your compassion – which would be a saner way of doing things. When you propel yourself with rage, you will cause one injustice for another injustice, which has been happening till now. But if you propel yourself with compassion, you will do just what is needed – nothing more, nothing less. 

So, these are the two ways. Do you want to drive yourself consciously or unconsciously? This is the question. Whenever you are in rage, whenever you are angry, are you conscious or unconscious? You are definitely unconscious. And when you become angry, most of the time you suffer more than your victim. In that kind of condition, what are you going to create? Once in a way corrective measures may happen because somebody is angry, but that is not the way to do things. You can correct things in a balanced, sane way.

Let us say out of greed or anger a crime happens on the street. Now you get angry and try to correct it. You are also committing another crime, a larger one usually. The reason why the first injustice happened was because somebody was in rage, and you are trying to correct it with another rage. You can correct that out of simple sheer sense, out of your humanity. 

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