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Here are tips for Vastushuddhi or purification of the premise

3/17/2015 11:43:16 AM
written By : Anu Pursram Print

In our daily lives we spend a sizeable amount of time at home. Our homes are our comfort zones where we recharge ourselves to face daily activities such as going to work, school and so on. It is thus important to ensure the vibrations our homes emit are sattvik or positive. According to the Hindu scriptures, the method of spiritually cleansing one’s home is referred to as Vastushuddhi. 

The literal meaning of Vastushuddi is destroying distressing vibrations and creating positive vibrations. There are several contributing factors as to why our vaastu or residence may be impure, a primary reason being the general surrounding environment which is raja-tama predominant with negativity. This, in the long run, affects the mental and physical wellbeing of those who reside in the premise. There are simple techniques to resolve this problem and increasing the positivity of our homes. 

At this juncture we might not be able to exactly understand the differences between positive and negative vibrations. In order to understand the difference, it is important to first establish how these frequencies are created.

There are three kinds of frequencies in empty premises:

1. Frequencies emitted by the plot of land the building is built on 

2. Almost 360 frequencies travel horizontal to the Earth region, which also go through the premises in a circular fashion

3. At the mental level, the frequencies of thoughts of those dwelling and visiting the premises 

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