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The path to realising God could start with no more than a simple chant

7/15/2014 2:54:36 PM
written By : Anu Pursram Print

Spiritual practice is a scientific way through which a person can gradually dissociate himself from his five senses, mind and intellect and instead associate with his soul. This path of spiritual growth is a pleasant one. Along the way are various marvellous experiences the seeker of God is given to keep him focused on the goal of realisation. The soul, or the God within all of us, is in a perpetual state of bliss and so by associating with it a person escapes the ups and downs of life and continuously experiences God’s bliss. One of the major paths along the way towards God is called spiritual emotion. In order to understand what spiritual emotion is, we first need a basic understanding of how our mind works. We all have thoughts, but have you ever wondered where those thoughts originate? The answer is as follows: we have two primary portions to our mind. The conscious mind is the part with which we are most familiar and is the part of our mind that we are aware of. When we experience a thought or emotion, that thought or emotion is experienced by our conscious mind. The conscious mind can only maintain a single thought at a time. Sometimes when we are doing multiple things at once it may appear that we have several thoughts at the same time, but in fact we are experiencing single thoughts in rapid succession.

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