Change Is The Only Constant

Accepting change as a basic process of life

6/6/2014 5:29:30 PM
written By : Pamposh Dhar Print

The recent general election in India brought amazing changes to the world’s second most populous country – a huge mandate for a single party after decades of coalition governments, a 129-year-old party associated with the freedom movement virtually wiped out (at least for now) and no opposition worth the name. 

Ironically I, who teach people to “embrace change,” have been rather uncomfortable with these changes. Yet – whether I like them or not – these changes are here. They have happened and Indians of all political hues now have only two choices – to accept that the changes have happened and move forward as best as possible; or uselessly rail against the changes if they do not like them. 

This is the way change works. There is no way to avoid change, and the changes that affect us do not always result from our own choices. Anyone who has lost a loved one, been laid off work, or simply struggled to deal with a computer virus, knows this. 

There is no life without change. We ourselves are always changing, from the moment we arrive into this world. All the people around us are changing all the time, too. There may be a period in adulthood when physical changes seem to slow down, but in fact they are still happening on the inside. Almost all of our cells are replaced by new ones over a span of seven years – so, in effect, each of us is a completely different person on the inside every few years!   

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