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Your hairstyle is not merely a fashion statement

7/15/2014 3:00:10 PM
written By : Anu Pursram Print

Hair is an integral part of our appearance and we take a lot of effort in maintaining and styling it. It is very natural for us to assume that there is nothing wrong in using fragrant shampoos, perming, straightening, colouring and other such treatments that we feel enhances the beauty of our hair. What we do not realise is that such practices may actually be doing more harm than good to us. Here it is necessary to introduce three terms which signify the different vibrations present in the atmosphere around us. Firstly, the sattva component, which is the subtle component signifying spiritual purity. The raja component, is predominantly ego, passion, greed, jealousy, etc, which are emotions that fasten us on to the external world taking us further away from the God principle. Finally the tama component, which is mainly laziness, inactivity, leading us to have no purpose in life.

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