A Steady, Unwavering Mind

Meditation for calmness and inner peace

8/12/2015 4:30:24 PM
written By : Pamposh Dhar Print

As our world becomes ever more distracting, more and more people are turning to meditation to bring calmness and focus to the mind. As people struggle to find that much-talked-about but extremely elusive work-life balance, they are ready to switch off their mobile phones and sit for an hour of meditation after work.
Home-makers find time for a practice that can bring a sense of peace into their increasingly busy lives. Parents want to know if meditation can help their children increase their attention spans.
For centuries, meditation was mostly seen as a spiritual practice that brought inner peace, a deeper understanding of life - and a connection with the Creator. The Sufi mystics of Islam say it can lead one to a direct experience of God. The Bhagavad Gita, putting meditation above other spiritual or religious practices, promises something similar: “There is merit in studying the scriptures, in giving of oneself, and in going against self-will, but the practice of meditation carries you beyond all these to the supreme abode of the Lord of Love.” (Chapter 6, Verse 28, as translated by Eknath Easwaran) The Lord of Love in this verse refers to Krishna, or God.
For many spiritual aspirants, this is the Big Goal of meditation. Along the way, this practice brings other benefits, including better health. Many doctors today recommend meditation as a way to support the medical treatment of heart disease and hypertension, conditions that may be caused by stress and are certainly made worse by it. By helping us to release stress and become calm, meditation improves our emotional, mental and physical health.
With our attention scattered every waking moment between whatever we think we are doing and our endless electronic distractions, the steady calmness that the Gita advises as a way of life is hard to find. Instead, a scattered mind has, sadly, become an apt icon for our times. This, perhaps, is what people are most looking to counter through meditation. If so, they may have found the right remedy.

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