Positive Benefits Of A Natural Environment

7/5/2016 5:02:39 PM
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Whenever people discuss the effect of the natural environment, you constantly hear the amazing health benefits of interacting with nature. But how true is that? Recently a team worked with Cochrane Public Health to assess the health and well-being impacts on adults following participation in environmental enhancement and conservation activities. While the majority of their quantitative studies reported no quantitative benefits but, multiple people in the study expressed  better health, quality of life and physical activity levels.

The 19 studies reviewed included numerical data (quantitative) and text from interviews (qualitative), together with data from 3,603 participants who came from the UK, US, Canada and Australia.

The studies illustrate the experiences of people taking part, and their perceptions of the benefits. People reported feeling better. They liked the opportunity for increased social contact, especially if they had been socially isolated through, for example, mental ill-health. They also valued a sense of achievement, being in nature and provision of a daily structure.

“We were able to develop a conceptual framework that illustrates the range of interlinked mechanism through which people believe they potentially achieved health and well-bring benefits. We hope this will help future research on this this topic.”

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