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Homeopath, Dr Tejinder Kaur, believes that this form of alternate medicine offers long term healing to patients as it is tailored to suit individual needs

12/31/2016 3:00:03 PM
written By : Parul Trivedi Shah & Nithya Subramanian Print

As the world grapples with rising health costs, people are exploring alternate forms of treatment, Homeopathy being one of them. This is a form of treatment that has been endorsed by none other than India’s Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi who said, “Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.” 

“What sets Homeopathy apart from other forms of treatment is its long-lasting effects. Unlike allopathy, where a patient suffering from chronic problems like diabetes or blood pressure is on life-long medication, this system enables him to be permanently cured, thus bringing down your medical costs,” said Dr Tejinder Kaur, a well-established homeopath in Singapore.

Almost 15 years ago, Kaur set up Shiva Holistic Homeopathy Centre, where today she treats clients from various ethnic groups. Apart from Chinese, Indian and Malay patients, she also has Americans, Europeans and Arabs visiting her. Clients come to her from overseas as well, visiting her once every few months. “Our challenge as homeopaths are far greater than allopaths, because the treatment is personalised. Our medicines are individualised and every patient is different,” she said.

In an exclusive interview with India Se, the 51 year old Homeopath talks about this alternate form of medicine and some of the challenges she faces as a practioner.

India Se: Tell us a little about your background and upbringing? Where did you get your education?

Dr Tejinder Kaur: I was born in India and raised in Delhi. My late father was well known for writing engineering books. Later I pursued my alternative medicine in England also. For the last 19 years I have made Singapore my home. When I had started my practice here it there were a lot of challenges due to lack of awareness for alternative medicine like Homeopathy and the regulations were very different. So it took me a while to settle down.

India Se: What got you interested in homeopathy and why did you choose this area of medicine against others?

Dr Tejinder Kaur: When I was young I had seen my parents and grandparents suffering from Senile Dementia and diabetes. My father was a famous Indian Author of  32  books in English.He passed away because of Diabetes and Kindney related issues. Apart from daily medication, they suffered the side effects of various medicines, leading to more suffering each day. At that time I had felt that there has to be an alternative way to help these people. It was a sad situation because on one hand they were undergoing treatment but on the other hand there was nothing I could do to help them from the side-effects. That encouraged me to pursue a career in alternative medicine and I came across Homeopathy. I found that there were very less side effects in Homeopathy. Now I have a great mentor and I attend several conferences/seminars to keep myself updated on changes. 

India Se: What were some of the challenges that you had to face while setting up practice in Singapore, considering that the rules and regulations here are very stringent?

Dr Tejinder Kaur: The regulations are definitely stringent. Allopathy is the main form of medicine practiced in Singapore. Besides, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda were practiced here for many decades, so it was not easy to start practice where these traditional alternative medicine forms were well-established. It took a lot of effort and explanation before the authorities gave permission to pursue this form of treatment. So in that sense it is not as easy as practicing Homoepathy in India. But I understand the caution exercised by the Government as there are many malpractices and they have to safeguard the interests of the people. What has helped me the most is my belief that “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream”.

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