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Healing Hands

There is a popular Urdu phrase that says you need ‘dua, dawa aur dam’ (prayer, medicine and determination) to overcome the deadliest of diseases. Dr Imran Nawaz, a prolific medical practitioner believes that along with the best scientific treatments, cancer patients should be convinced that they CAN beat the disease!

12/31/2014 11:58:54 AM
written By : Shobha Tsering Bhalla Print

The Hippocratic Oath - that solemn promise of fealty to their patients that all medical doctors take upon their graduation- is writ large on the personality of Dr Imran Nawaz who exudes an air of well-being that is contagious.

Despite an early morning operation and an emergency call half-way through the interview, the General Surgeon who also specialises in Oncology is a picture of calmness and good humour, even when asked the most probing questions about his work and personal life.

What is especially telling is the animation and passion that light up his face when he speaks about what he calls his “miracle cures”. These are those patients who have survived advanced cancers when no cure seemed possible.

As he narrates a touching tale of a patient’s survival against all odds there is no hard-nosed scientific rationalisation of the cure, just an acceptance of the limitations of man’s knowledge and the inexplicable role that hope plays in the process. 

“People think that everything can be sorted by surgery or medicine. But very often there are cases that we can’t do anything about as the case is too advanced,” says Imran. His story about his patient drives home to his listener how the proverbial “bedside manner” plays a major role in taking the “art” of curing beyond technical competency. Imran is a past master in it going by his patient survival rates.

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