Drink but not to excess, please

11/2/2016 5:13:45 PM
written By : Dr Digamber Naik Print

Alcohol is tabooed in many places, especially in India. It is banned in states like Gujarat, Bihar and Kerala. Alcohol is allowed in states like Goa, however, where the business flourishes and drinking in moderation is considered good for health. Alcohol circulates freely in most of Europe and other developed countries also where moderate drinking is considered healthy. Drinking is normal in Western countries and others with high levels of education such as Japan and South Korea. It seems to carry a stigma only in more backward places where education is less widespread, health awareness less. Though we may not like it, there is no getting round the fact that India lags behind the West in education and health awareness.

So is drinking good or bad? The sensible thing to do is to be careful when drinking. Excessive drinking can damage every organ of the body. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis can be fatal. There are also other dangers. The heart, brain, nerves, pancreas may all be affected. Immoderate drinking can lead to complications like cardiomyopathy, peripheral neuritis,cerebral and cerebellar degeneration, dementia,and pancreatitis .

We know that alcohol can affect various parts of the body. We also know that its effect depends on the climate and the quantity consumed. So we have to be mindful when, what and how much we are drinking to avoid any ill effect. 

We can drink as long as long as we are careful. There is no reason why we should not drink with friends. The custom, called social drinking, is supposed to be good for health and good for business, promoting fellowship and camaraderie. 

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