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Baba Ramdev’s candid views on homosexuality and rapes in India

10/1/2014 12:37:17 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Baba Ram Dev has become a global ambassador for yoga who has found followers from a cross-section of society. Be it politicial bigwigs like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, movie star Shilpa Shetty or ordinary people who throng his camps, he is a household name. He says that practicing yoga has helped him overcome paralysis, a disease that struck him when he was young, and is a cure for most diseases. Ramdev was in Singapore recently for a private event and India Se had an opportunity to interview him. Here are the excerpts:

India Se: Why has yoga become so popular across the world?

Baba Ramdev: Yoga is the world’s oldest science. Two things exist in the world – spirituality and utility. Most of the world follows a utilitarian lifestyle, with a focus on prosperity. But in India, prosperity and spirituality are of equal importance. Therefore it is very deeply rooted in our culture. Yoga is scientific, effective and result-oriented, which is why I believe the world is attracted to it. Every human being has two needs: prosperity and peace. We become prosperous due to our efforts in the outside world, but peace has to be attained from within.

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