An Apple A Day Keeps The Pharmacy Away

4/30/2015 2:53:11 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Eating an apple a day does not actually keep the doctor away - but it might stop you going to your pharmacist. 

While initially researchers found that consuming apples lowered the chances of visiting the doctor, when adjusted with other factors such as smoking or education levels they found apple eaters were less likely to use prescription drugs.

Researchers at the University of Michigan studied 8,399 adults of which 753, or nine per cent, ate an apple a day while 7,646, or 91 per cent, did not. Lead author Matthew Davis, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan’s school of nursing, said: “Our findings suggest that the promotion of apple consumption may have limited benefit in reducing national health care spending. In the age of evidence-based assertions, however, there may be merit to saying: ‘An apple a day keeps the pharmacist away.’’

Apples have long been known to promote good health and contain vitamin C, which aids the immune system. They also reduce tooth decay by cleaning the teeth and may even protect your brain cells from conditions like Alzheimer’s.

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