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Oil’s Well!

31/05/2017, Dr Digamber Naik
Every living being on this earth has to eat. Food is essential part of our living. Our lives, life energy and the well-b...
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Women’s Health

02/03/2017, Dr Digamber Naik
John Gray wrote in 1996 ‘Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.’ The book became a bestseller. Of course, the book was...
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Diet Drinks No Guarantee Against Obesity

31/01/2017, Team India Se
Sugar-free and “diet” drinks may be as likely to cause obesity as full-sugar drinks. So say researchers from Imperial Co...
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Siesta To Improve Memory

31/01/2017, Team India Se
An hour-long nap in the afternoon may improve memory and thinking skills of older people.  This was found in a new study...
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Headache You Can Live With

31/01/2017, Dr Digamber Naik
I saw a young patient in my OPD who complained of a persistent migraine headache. She was trying all kinds of remedies. ...
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Holistic Healings

31/12/2016, Parul Trivedi Shah & Nithya Subramanian
As the world grapples with rising health costs, people are exploring alternate forms of treatment, Homeopathy being one ...
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