Queen Of Fruits

Delicate and delicious, mangosteens are full of nutrients that help your body remain healthy

8/12/2015 4:14:37 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

If durian is called the king of fruits in the South-east Asian region, mangosteen is the queen. That might be because the two are generally eaten together – if the former is considered to be heaty, the latter is cooling and thus balance each other off.
Though the fruit and the seed is extremely fragile, making propagation difficult, legend has it that Queen Victoria managed to get a taste of it and was quite taken in, thus getting the title ‘Queen of Fruits’. But whatever be the story, the fruit is fit for any queen with a juicy delicate structure and slightly sweet-sour flavour.
The mangosteen is native to Sunda Island and the Moluccas of Indonesia, but is now found in many parts of South-east Asia. It was later taken to England and grown in green houses. Subsequently, the British introduced the plant in the West Indies, especially Jamaica and later established it in the Americas mainland, in Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, and Ecuador. Apart from being delicious, this small purple fruit has many health and nutritional benefits too.
1. Rich in antioxidants: scientific research has revealed that Mangosteen contains a class of naturally occurring polyphenol compounds known as xanthones. Besides anti-inflammatory properties, they are an effective remedy against various cardiovascular diseases. The antioxidants present have healing properties which heal cells damaged by free radicals, slow down aging and ward off degenerative diseases and physical and mental deterioration. This also helps in preventing cancer.

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