Love The Lychees

Sweet and succulent, the fleshy white fruit is good for your health

6/30/2017 2:25:28 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Soft, sweet and juicy – the lychee is a refreshing fruit during the hot summer months. Originated over 2000 years ago in southern China, there are villages in this part of the country which have trees that are over a 1000 years old.

Lychees are now grown in many parts of the word including South-east Asia, India, the West Indies, South Africa and even in parts of Europe. In recent years, Australia has become a major producer of lychees after saplings were brought in by Chinese gold mine workers in the 1850s.

While lychees are delicious and sweet, they are also full of nutrients that are beneficial for you. But like anything else, consumption in moderation is recommended.

1. Healthy Heart: The flavonoids, fibre and antioxidants in lychees support heart health. The nutrients in lychee, including magnesium, copper, iron, vitamin C, manganese and folate, are required for blood circulation and formation.

2. Immune System: Lychees are rich in Vitamin C and have more than 100 per cent of the daily requirement of ascorbid acid in a single serving. This means that your immune system gets a major boost, as vitamin C is a major antioxidant compound and is known to stimulate the activity of white blood cells, which are the main defensive line of your body’s immune system.

3. Cancer Prevention: The polyphenolic compounds and proanthocyanidins found in lychee protect the body from various diseases and afflictions. Lychee is a rich source of these organic compounds, so it can be consumed as an effective preventative measure of various cancers.

4. Blood Pressure: Lychee has a wealth of potassium, meaning that it can help your body maintain a fluid balance; it is also low in sodium, which helps too. Fluid balance is an integral part not only in metabolic functions, but also in hypertension. 

5. Blood Circulation: Copper is another essential mineral found in considerable quantities in lychee, and although iron is most commonly associated with red blood cells, copper is also an integral part of RBC formation. Therefore, the copper content in lychee can boost blood circulation and increase oxygenation of the organs and cells.

6. Increases Metabolism: Lychee contains a good amount of fibre and Vitamin B-complex, which increase metabolism. Metabolism is required to assimilate, absorb and throw the excess nutrition out of our bodies. It includes fats, proteins, sugar and carbohydrates. This is also helps to keep your weight under control.

7. Aids Digestion & Bowel movements: The process of digestion is vital in nutrition absorption in our body. Pectin with the dietary fiber of lychee is considered very beneficial for a bowel movement and maintaining healthy digestive system. Both of these make the stools bulky and soft so that they can pass through the anal passage quickly. This function is further enhanced by the high water content of lychee as it is the combination of roughage and water that helps in preventing constipation. Regular and complete emptying out of bowel not only cleanse the body but also protects from conditions like piles and colon cancer. 

8. Skin’s Best Friend: Our skin bears the brunt of aging, pollution, exposure to harmful UV rays, stress and other lifestyle-related disturbances. The presence of anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and high water content offer an ideal blend of age-delaying factors.

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