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Goodness In A Gourd

The humble bottle gourd is a valuable vegetable in the Ayurveda for all its health-giving properties

4/30/2015 2:53:59 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Come summer and Indian markets are filled with long, light green, bottle shaped gourds that are filled with nutrients.

While we might balk at the thought of consuming this ‘boring’ vegetable, Ayurveda considers it perfect for the hot season as it comprises 90 per cent water and, is therefore, easy to digest.

It is believed that the bottle gourd originated in Africa, and has travelled widely by perhaps floating on the seas. The vegetable arrived in India over 10,000 years ago and has since evolved into numerous local varieties. From here, it spread to other countries such as China, Indonesia and travelled to New Zealand.

Indians have been traditionally consuming bottle gourd in many forms. Ayurveda recommends drinking its juice regularly (avoid bitter-tasting ones as it could damage your digestive system), while our cuisine has several savoury and sweet recipes. 

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