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As Good As Gold!

The Hindi name of mango, Aam roughly translates to ordinary.  However, on the contrary, the fruit is packed with nutrients that is good for your health

6/2/2015 12:17:03 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Come summer and Indian markets are full of this sweet-smelling golden fruit, appropriately called the king of fruits.
Mango, known to be a native of India, has been cultivated by man for over 4,000 years, and referred to as Amra in Sanskrit literature. Historians say that Hsuan Tsang, one of the early travellers to India (632-645) through the Silk Route, introduced the fruit to the outside world.
Invaders to India such as the Mughals took to the fruit and it is said that Akbar had an orchard of 100,000 mango trees. The origin of most of the improved varieties in India has been traced to those days, and the encyclopedia Ain-e-Akbari (1590 AD) contains a good account of the mango regarding its quality and varietal characteristics.

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