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Here are some healthy, yet tasty recipes for new mothers 

5/3/2016 7:59:07 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

India has an old tradition of how new mothers must be looked after once they deliver. Unlike the West, where they do not receive any additional help and are left to manage the newborn and the home, Asia follows postnatal practices aimed to help the new mum rejuvenate her body and the mind, as well as help in lactation.

While the common term used for the four-six week period immediately after delivery is ‘confinement’, new mothers receive ample help from family as well as external care-givers to not be left alone. However, they are expected to take rest, not get involved in heavy physical activities as well as pay special attention to food. It is believed that since the body undergoes several hormonal and physical changes post delivery, women who follow this practice have lower rates of postpartum depression.

According to Ayurveda, this period is considered a sensitive time for mothers, particularly for the digestive system, hence there is strong emphasis on simple, digestible foods and herbal drinks to promote healing and recovery, boost their immunity and improve milk supply.  Leftover food is usually avoided and organic, fresh food is preferred.

While the postnatal food menu varies from region to region within India, the general rule is to stick to warming food and avoid cooling ones such as cucumber, cabbage and pineapple. It is believed that such "cooling" foods can cause rheumatism and arthritis later in life. They are  also advised to stay away from "windy" foods such as onions and jackfruit as they are traditionally believed to cause colic in your baby.

Here are some common recipes cooked during the confinement period. These can be eaten otherwise too! 

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