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Flavours Of Singapore

The Little Red Dot is a melting pot of cultures

8/12/2015 4:15:50 PM
written By : Sarab Kapoor Print

It is not for nothing that Singapore is known as a foodie’s paradise. The  cuisine had such a mellowing impact on hot-tempered Hell’s Kitchen star chef Gordon Ramsay, that he once said, “I can say without a doubt the people of Singapore have much to be proud of: authentic, genuine, simple food that is of amazing quality and full of flavour.”
As a Singaporean citizen who has called this country home for more than 30 years, I love the robust flavours of our local cuisine. A mish-mash of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Eurasian cuisines, there is nothing quite like it in the world.
I especially love the way each local dish has a multitude of variations. There is no definitive way of making laksa, for example, though nearly all versions fall into the broad categories of ‘asam (Penang) laksa or ‘curry (Sarawak) laksa’. These endless variations continue to fuel the debate over where you can find the best version. Most Singaporeans will swear by Katong Laksa, characterised by its sunset-orange broth and the fact that the noodles are chopped into short spoon-friendly lengths. But then that fuels another debate as to where you can find the most authentic version – which may not necessarily be in Katong!
I guess the one constant in Singapore cuisine is diversity. It certainly keeps things interesting and people here will travel great distances, and queue up to eat food from hawker stalls.

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