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Christmas Cheer!

Celebrations at my home was a wonderful combination of Indian and Filipino traditions, with food being the focus!

11/26/2014 3:43:46 PM
written By : Donna LouisSe Print

As a child of two worlds, India and the Philippines, Christmas has always been a unique time of the year. I used to think of my heritage as an odd combination of two very different countries, but now, I see it as the ‘Candy-Cane’ phenomenon - both cultures are equally bright and vivacious, distinct in their taste and composition. Yet once consumed, the flavours blend perfectly into a sweet, delightful experience that never bores!

Celebrating Christmas or ‘Pasko’ (as we call it Tagalog) in my mother’s home town of Bais City, Negros Oriental, was a technicolor experience. The whole town would be decked ground to roof in twinkling lights and Christmas figurines, with a huge, rotating tree in the central plaza area. A toy train would roll round it, playing Christmas tunes, stopping often for tiny passengers to board and alight. My mother would take my sister, myself and our huge group of cousins, nieces and nephews to amusement parks that would pop up for the holiday season. We would spend the whole day there enjoying adrenaline filled rides and stuffing ourselves with candy floss, cheese popcorn and other treats. Then we’d go home where our aunts and uncles would feed us some more, insisting that we ate ‘proper meals’ of rice and Chicken Adobo.

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