A Sweet Twist!

Diwali is just around the corner, a time to entertain your guests with mithai and more. Surprise and delight them with some creative, contemporary versions of old favourites

10/1/2015 11:06:12 AM
written By : Sarab Kapoor Print

As a regular culinary contributor to magazines, I am always ready for a challenge. So when India Se asked me to create festive Diwali recipes that were not repeats of the same old ones, but decidedly different, I readily accepted.
After all I love Diwali and have a sweet tooth. But like everybody, I too feel that year-after-year of the same old sweets, things get a bit predictable. We still love to eat our Gulab Jamuns and our Halwa, but want an element of surprise. As jaded city dwellers, constantly exposed to new trends, we crave for something fresh and new.
Messing with tradition takes some courage and a whole lot of cultural sensitivity. But I decided to share recipes that combined the fond and familiar with the new and novel. These sweets satisfy both of our longings – for the comfort of the known, and the excitement of the unknown.
With these five recipes, I take you on a trip down memory lane – and a walk on the wild side.
Fancy a foray into a ‘Winter Rose Garden’? It’s a Rose Kulfi that will begin a perfumed love affair.
How about ‘Jalebi Jewelled Mix’? Welcome to a whole new way of eating a Jalebi. And a word of warning – it’s addictive.
Does ‘Gulabake-a-licious’ tickle your tastebuds? It’s a mouthful – and a satisfying one - a little sinful but worth every calorie.
What about a ‘Cranberry Pedivine’? It’s a luscious little peda studded with cranberries and pan-toasted pine nuts.
And last but not least, may I tempt you with a bowl of ‘Snow Cream Rabdi’? Imagine traditional Rabdi enriched with creamy white chocolate.
Get cooking with me as and as I always say, “Cook, Love and Eat” with your heart and soul. Happy Diwali!

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