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My Vegetarian Experience

Going meatless for a year enabled me to understand myself, my will power and the ability to manage the mind

12/2/2015 3:07:13 PM
written By : Satish Menon Print

Does your tongue salivate thinking of spicy Tandoori Chicken or some fresh seafood? Do you crave for it, or just “like” it? Are your favourite restaurants all carnivore havens? Then I am talking to you! Because I am you, or at least was!
Unlike placard holding vegetarians, I am not a passionate animal lover. My health and weight seemed fine with what I ate. My wife matched if not exceeded the ‘foodie’ in me, so institutional support was clearly strong! Socially, I prided myself at being a low-maintenance, “fun” guy to hang around, with no constraints or restrictions.
Yet I changed all this - and attempted what I thought was unthinkable at one point. I dropped non-vegetarian food from my diet completely! Why? I am not really sure. It probably came about from a significant life change I was grappling with while moving from 20 years in corporate life to being an entrepreneur. It made me experiment with things that I was doing unconsciously and repetitively. I asked myself what was the one habit I never ever saw myself changing - given my irrational passion for it. The answer rang out clearly in my head - it had to be this and no other!

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