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The DFS Sixth Annual Masters of Wines and Spirits gave me a deeper insight into single malt whiskey

5/8/2017 1:35:32 PM
written By : Dev Inder Bhalla Print

The historic Tras Street with its iconic shophouses was creatively converted into a fascinating venue for the Sixth Annual Masters of Wines and Spirits in Singapore event hosted by DFS Group recently.

Guests interacted with the world’s leading producers of Champagne, Cognac, Whiskies and Wines for an evening of hands-on master classes and educational tastings of signature wines and spirits followed by an elegant dinner that progressed into a festive evening with bands providing musical entertainment on the sidewalks of Tras Street and guests encouraged to mingle and try out the range of beverages on offer in the select shophouses that included creative alcohol-infused desserts.

I opted for the Single Malt Whisky Master Class hosted by Master Blender Richard Patterson of the Dalmore House. The 68-year-old Patterson, who learnt how to ‘nose’ whiskey when he was just eight years old, led us through the history of whiskey-making in Scotland and the influence of the five different geographical regions where it is made. He also told us how the casks that they are matured in and the age at which they have been bottled at influence taste. Whiskey is presently produced in the 118 distilleries around Scotland.  

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