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Dining With Pleasure

D’Bell offers delicious Indian food that is light on your stomach in a very pleasant setting

10/31/2014 12:50:01 PM
written By : Upasna Ahuja Kathuria Print

Friday evenings are a sacred time for me. They are meant for calm and cosy nights, cuddled in bed, watching Bollywood masala movies. As someone who takes both work and personal plans very seriously, I thought it would be painful having to decide between my own Pillow-wood party, and a food tasting at contemporary Indian-inspired restaurant and bar, D’Bell.

 I’m so happy I was wrong.

The three hours spent while I chatted and relished the food with D’Bell’s marketing manager Nipun Paul and the highly-renowned Chef Satish, proved that I didn’t have to sacrifice either option - D’Bell was a perfect combination of comfort and class. The ambience set by the warm lighting and rustic mirrors was a relaxing backdrop to the lively and sleek bar. With a couple of huge screens for entertainment, on the second floor the sliding doors reveal a VIP lounge surrounded by many jewel-toned throw pillows and dotted with colourful low velvet stools. This exclusive space is an ideal place to socialise with friends and host special occasion parties. The brand is already a success in Bombay and this is their first outlet in Singapore.

As I went through the menu, I saw some dishes which featured quail and beef, a rarity for Indian restaurants in Singapore. We started with drinks, namely the Masala Punch and Golden Moment. Golden Moment had a refreshing touch of lemon grass in it, a welcome accompaniment to the creamy, rich dishes to come.

For starters, we were served Aloo Tikki, Hara Kebab and Papdi Chaat. The tikki was very mild but tasty, and the kebab had a lovely smack of coriander and mint. But the Paddi Chaat made my heart flutter, with it’s freshness and crispness. Chef Satish then thoughtfully suggested Palak Paneer, Maa Ki Dal, Butter Chicken and Lamb Curry for our main courses. As partners to these dishes, we ordered Kashmiri Naan, Chilli Cheese Naan and Plain Naan. My dining partner and I almost panicked looking at the quantity of food that had arrived; it seemed too much for us. 

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