Women Fitter Than Men?

1/2/2018 7:59:30 PM
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When it comes to staying fit, women may have an aerobic edge. This was found by researchers who compared oxygen uptake, an important measure of aerobic fitness, in 18 young men and women while they worked out on a treadmill. 

Women consistently processed oxygen about 30 per cent faster than men, according to the researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. “The findings are contrary to the popular assumption that men’s bodies are more naturally athletic,” study author Thomas Beltrame said in a university news release. “We found that women’s muscles extract oxygen from the blood faster, which, scientifically speaking, indicates a superior aerobic system,” said Prof Richard Hughson, an expert in vascular ageing and brain health.

Because women process oxygen faster, women are less likely to accumulate molecules linked with muscle fatigue, effort perception and poor athletic performance, the researchers explained. The findings were published  in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. “While we don’t know why women have faster oxygen uptake, this study shakes up conventional wisdom,” Beltrame said.  

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