Space Cleansing For The New Year

Clear out the clutter and usher in good fortune

1/2/2018 6:47:35 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Our surroundings and the environment have a great impact on our well-being and frame of mind. Some places we visit make us feel restless and wish to leave while others make us feel calm and happy to be there.  

Creating a space that exudes harmony is important for our well-being. Unpleasant surroundings can have an adverse effect. They may bring ill-fortune affecting our health, wealth and relationships. 

One should follow the basic tenets of vaastu and feng shui when one buys or builds a home. It is important to ensure it faces the right direction, there is proper placement of rooms, doors and windows, the décor in accord with vaastu or feng shui, and there are well-planned water features. This will increase your ability to weather the “storms of life” with minimum impact.

Over a period of time energy gets stagnant in our home or workplace. Hence it’s normal practice to carry out “annual corrections” to push away stagnation and usher in new growth and prospects by channelling the energy.

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