Minister Iswaran Says India And Singapore Could Collaborate To Pursue Third Party Infrastructure Opportunities In Asean

1/6/2018 2:16:46 PM
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Singapore’s Minister of Trade & Industry S Iswaran said India And Singapore Could Collaborate To Pursue Third Party Infrastructure Opportunities In Asean. He was speaking on the first day of the ASEAN INDIA Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) in Singapore.

The day before (January 5, 2018) at the InSpreneur meet, the India-Singapore Entrepreneurship Bridge was launched with 600 invites participants including 250 startups and newly 100 investors.

Speaking to more than a 1000 strong-audience of entrepreneurs and professionals, Iswaran said Singapore could collaborate to pursue third party opportunities in the infrastructure sector in the Asean region. Opportunities for a partnership of this nature are so huge that the Singapore Government has even opened an Infrastructure Office.

India Se Media’s Editor-in-Chief Shobha Tsering Bhalla had specifically asked him the following question at a “doorstop” interview:

Q: India and Singapore collaborating together in developing infrastructure in the Asean region is a huge proposal. How do you plan to do this? Does this mean that there will be much more employment of Indian Nationals in Singapore?

S Iswaran: I think that India has major infrastructure plans and I think many companies from Asean and within India are pursuing them. It is not about designing and developing infrastructure, but it is also about financing and structuring them. Similarly, in Asean there is a need for such projects as well. Which is why one of the end points of emphasis in Singapore is we need to create more capabilities to structure infrastructure projects which are bankable and commercially viable and also backed up by technical capabilities to execute them. This is an area we are focused on and this is an area where there is scope to work together because even within the Indian eco system and the broader Asean and Asian eco system - Japan and China too have capabilities. So, it doesn’t necessarily mean people coming in and being residents here and working here. It is finding ways to collaborate in order to pursue third country opportunities.

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