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Shanthi Kalamohan wanted to be a police officer. Instead, she became a lawyer. Now she is the director of a law firm

10/3/2017 6:01:32 PM
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You can’t miss the sprightly step of Shanthi Elavarasi Kalamohan. A self-confessed free-spirit who dreamt of becoming a smart cop who nabbed the criminals. Though she did not join the police force, she is still associated with keeping up the law for she became a lawyer.  Today she is the Director of R Kalamohan Law LLC, a firm that offers a wide range of service in areas such as Family, Criminal, Civil and Commercial.

Shanthi (31) gets most satisfaction when she helps people get justice they deserve. Here are excerpts of an interview with India Se.

India Se: Tell us a little about your childhood and growing-up years? 

Shanthi Kalamohan: My father is the eldest child, so my grandparents, parents, elder brother and I lived together. I loved to play soccer with my elder brother and cousins. Every weekend we would have uncles, aunts and cousins coming to visit. Good food and lots of play. My parents always made it a point to go on family holidays once or twice a year, for at least four days. We usually went to India to visit family or to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand for a beach holiday. Those were good times.

India Se: What inspired you to take up law as a career?  How much influence did your father, a renowned lawyer, have in the decision you took.

Shanthi Kalamohan: I actually wanted to be a police officer, I found it really cool. Somehow along the way I thought it was cooler to be a lawyer and decided to study law.

My father did not compel me to take up law. But I knew that he hoped there would be another lawyer in the family. And I knew that if I became a lawyer, my parents would be very happy and proud.

India Se: Your law firm offers a wide range of services – from criminal law to family, real estate, etc.  Which area do you specialise in and what attracted you to it?

Shanthi Kalamohan: I specialise in assisting people with their succession planning, be it business succession or retirement succession or planning their own legacy. I help businesses and families plan ahead and avoid a nasty fight about money when a business partner or family member passes away.

If you ask me, Wills and Trusts is an area of law which most people have little knowledge or interest in, but it is important to everyone. Each one of us will leave behind loved ones and wealth. If you do not want your family to fight about money after you are gone, you got to plan something. Therefore, I also run seminars on Wills, Trust, Succession Planning, Business Succession and related topics. 

India Se: What are your plans for R Kalamohan Law LLC? How do you see it growing in the next five years?

Shanthi Kalamohan: Continue providing quality legal services affordable by the common man, which we have been doing since 1985 under the banner of M/s Kalamohan & Co. I want everyone in my team to have work life balance.  I do not believe in having a posh office for show and expecting everyone to be workaholics and charging clients more for the decor. All we need is a presentable and comfortable office to work.

I anticipate our clientele to be wider and, therefore, the work undertaken to have more cross-border considerations. I also look forward to having a strong presence in areas other than litigation. 

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